Guest Rooms Rentals

Opening CH Guest Rooms to Family & Friends of Nylanders :

  1.  Limited to only 1 family of guests at a time using the guest rooms and downstairs bathroom (one family can use both rooms, or just one room, but multiple groups can not rent the rooms at the same time).

  2.  No kitchen or other part of the CH may be used by guests until further notice.

  3.  Please invite your guests to use your home kitchen. 

  4.  Rooms will be thoroughly sanitized after each guest. 

  5.  Social distance 6 ft apart from others while entering and exiting the building. 

We have two guest rooms, available for rent, at Nyland Cohousing.  Our guest rooms are for residents and their friends/relatives. A Nyland resident must make the reservation.

  • Guest room 1 has a queen size bed

  • Guest room 2 has 2 single beds

There is a shared bath for both rooms.

The Common House observes "quiet hours" between 10 pm and 7 am.

Please make sure you read all the information on the website before making your reservations.  After requesting a reservation, you will receive an email 1-2 days after, confirming your reservation has been made and entered into our calendar. We ask at that time you review the calendar and confirm the reservation has been correctly entered.  If you do not hear back by day 3, please resubmit your request.