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Guest Room Rental Guidelines

Here is some important information about our guest rooms and your stay with us.

Guest Room Location: Both guest rooms are located in the bottom level of the Common House, the large building off of the driving circle. Follow the directions to Nyland and park along Nyland Way. Walk to the circle, and enter the Common House through the doors there (lower level). Go through the mail room, turn left, and walk into the hallway around to your right. Here you will find both guest rooms on your left and the bathroom on your right.

Check-In: You can arrive anytime after 3pm. You received a code to your room in your confirmation email. There is an instruction sheet in your room.

WiFi: You are welcome to connect to our WiFi router. Look for 'Common House Network' and use the password 'community'


Linens: Your bed(s) will be made and towels laid out for your use. There is no daily cleaning. If you are staying for more than one week your room will be cleaned one time during your stay.  We will contact you to arrange a cleaning time.

Food and Cooking: We ask guests not to keep any food or drink in their room(s) as it will attract mice and other problems. The dining room, refrigerator and microwave in the Common House may be used. Please do not cook in the kitchen or leave messes for others to clean. Label any food you store in the kitchen with your name and date.

Community Meals: We often have community meals that you are welcome to join. Just let us know at least 3 days before your arrival and we'll let the cooks know to expect you. When you join in on a meal, please pay the cooks $5 per adult and $2.50 per child at the beginning of the meal.

Facilities: You are welcome to use the Common House living room, library and meditation rooms.


Bathroom: The code to your room also works on the bathroom across the hall from your room. This is a shared bathroom between the two rooms, please remember to keep it locked when not in use, and knock before using your key to enter.


Liability:  You are responsible for any damage done to the room or bath including stains in the carpet.

Cancellation: Reservations cancelled less than two weeks before the date will result in a $25 cancellation fee.

Noise: While we do have a night time use policy for our common house, we occasionally do have events that go past 10 pm.

We ask if you are disturbed by excessive sound, please let the folks who are keeping you up know and ask them to quiet down. If you are very sensitive to night noises, you may want to reconsider staying here.

Lock Up: The Common House is locked at night around 10pm. You received a code in your confirmation email which included one to open the main doors.


Pets: No pets of any kind are allowed in the guest rooms or the common house.

Safety: While Nyland is a very safe place to stay, we cannot guarantee or be responsible for the safety of valuables left in your room even when the doors are locked.


Not Allowed: The following are not allowed in the guest rooms or in the Common House: Pets, Guns, and illegal Drugs. Food and drinks are not allowed in the guest rooms but are allowed in the dining room.


Check Out: Please depart your room by 11 am so we have time to clean it before the next guests arrive. Please close the door when leaving.

Cleaning Fee: Please leave a one-time $25 cash cleaning fee in the envelope in your room.  If you are staying for more than one week please leave two cleaning fees for a total of $50.

We hope you have a wonderful stay.

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