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WellBeing CAG

Well Being facilitates processes that support Nyland as a community in the areas of communication, deepening connections, decision-making, visioning, adjusting the culture, welcoming new members, and resolving conflicts.  Well Being is responsible for facilitating the monthly Community Meeting, which enables crucial aspects of community to happen, as well as other types of gatherings as needed.  

There is always a lot happening at Nyland. Here is a sample of many of the goings on: 

  • House Concerts (

  • Community Meals (details here)

  • Tai Chi 

  • Yoga Classes 

  • Fitness Classes

  • Art Classes 

  • Thanksgiving Gathering 

  • Easter Brunch 

  • Pot Lucks 

  • Dances 

  • New Year’s Talent Show and Party 

  • Nyland Days Celebration 

  • Community Meetings

  • Coming of Age Ceremonies 

  • Solstice Celebrations 

  • Halloween Celebration 

  • Holiday Gatherings 

  • Women’s Gatherings 

  • Men’s Gatherings 

  • Friday Night Poker  

To see what is happening at Nyland, please log into our main website and visit our Calendar.

Finally, Well Being supports various subgroups that maintain the Nyland website; publish the Nyland Newsletter; address issues related to children living at Nyland; and strive to educate the community about conflict as well as mediate when conflict arises (more information about "The Third Siders" and how to get support with conflict can be found at the 3S website).

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