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Visiting Nyland

Please feel free to join in on any of the following events as a way to get to know Nyland better.


Community Meetings:
A great way to see Nyland in action is to join us for a community meeting. This will give you a better sense how we discuss and make decisions. Since Nyland is focused on building community, we don’t just vote based on personal preference. Instead, we try to listen to all voices, consider everyone’s needs, and find the best solution for all individuals and the community. This can often be very challenging, but we feel in leads to a better outcome in the long run. 

Land Work Days:

Another great way to meet residents is to join us for a land workday. You will quickly find yourself chatting away with residents as you help out with weeding, mulching, trimming, etc. Afterwards, we all gather for a picnic and lots of conversation. Bring along a sun hat, work gloves and a water bottle. Snacks will be provided mid-morning. Kids are also welcome as they can either join in on a kid oriented project or help out their parents. 

Common House Care Days:
What better way to get to know people then to help them clean up their kitchen? So feel free to join us as we tidy up our Common House and keep it a great space to gather, have meals, and play together. 

If you would like to join us for any of the events listed above, please send us a message via our 'Contact Us' form a few days prior so we can let the organizers know to expect you.

Guest Rooms: We have two guest rooms you can rent as a way to spend more time at Nyland. You can learn more on on our 'Reservations' page.

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