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Recycling and Compost

Working towards Zero Waste in our community!
The recycling shed is between the carports in the south parking lot. What to recycle in each bin is clearly marked. Please read what goes into each bin and put only those items in the bin. Help keep the area clean by not leaving anything behind after depositing items in the bins.


See guidelines at “recycling guidelines-single stream”

• Flatten cardboard boxes
• Clean all containers before putting them in the bins
• Mixed paper, junk mail, newspaper - (no tissue paper or shredded paper)
• Paperboard - (cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper egg cartons)
• Flattened cardboard 
• Phone books 
• Magazines 
• Glass - (remove metal lids which are OK loose in single stream dumpster)
• Cans, milk & juice cartons, aseptic boxes - (empty and rinse, do not flatten)
• Plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars
----(empty and rinse, do not flatten, attached plastic lids OK)
----(examples:  detergent jug, soda bottle, larger vitamin bottle, peanut butter jar)
• Plastic yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, tofu containers
----(empty and rinse, do not flatten, remove lids and throw lids away.)  
• #2 & #5 plastic souvenir cups - (no lids or straws, example: movie theater cups) 
• Aluminum foil - (balled 2 inches or larger)
• Aluminum pie pans 
• No plastic clam-shell containers! (throw in the trash.) 
----(Examples:  berry and salad containers)
• No plastic bags - (see “Other” items)

OTHER:  All items must be clean & dry
• Batteries—alkaline, nickel, lithium, rechargeable - (place in white crate next to scrap metal crates) 
• #2 & #5 big durable plastic - (tubs, laundry baskets, watering cans, etc.)
----(leave in shed near scrap metal) 
• Small scrap metal items - (place in green crates)
• Plastic bags - (place in round barrel)
----(# 2 and #4, clean and dry, remove all stickers and paper labels)
----(no “crinkly” material such as seaweed snack bags)
• Packing material - (plastic bubble wrap, air bags, and styrofoam peanuts)
----(put peanuts in a plastic bag and tie off—NO LOOSE PEANUTS)
----(place in labeled brown bin
• Textiles—clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and fabrics - (place in labeled brown bin)
----(items may be stained or ripped, but must be clean, must be 12 inch square or larger.)
----(Reusable, paired shoes, no mud, tie laces together.)
----(NO bathing suits, underwear, or socks.)
• White Block Styrofoam (#6 only) - (place in big bag against back wall.)


• Shredded paper - (place in paper bag in the Eco-Cycle compost dumpster in north parking lot)
• plastic clam-shell containers - (throw in trash dumpster, try not to buy produce this way!)
• Styrofoam take-out containers 


CHaRM—Center for Hard to Recycle Materials: 
There is a fee for electronics and small appliances—see CHaRM brochure at their website   Contact a Nyland Recycling Wallah if you have questions or want us to take an item to CHaRM for you.


Take these to Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF) 
1901c 63rd Street, Boulder 
enter at Boulder County Recycling Center - follow signs to HMM facility)


• Sort your own recyclables, compost, and “trash” 
• Put only clean and dry recyclables in shed 
• Do not overfill the bins 
• Know what’s reusable and buy what’s recyclable


There is a large, green Eco-Cycle compost dumpster at the north end of the north parking lot next to the trash dumpster. This is a list of what you can put into that dumpster:
• All kitchen scraps including meat
• Yard waste such as grass, weeds, and shrubs
---- (all branches must be less then 3 inches in diameter) 
• Paperboard - (cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper egg cartons, etc.)
• Compostable cups, food containers, “bio-degradeable” green bags, etc


There are also two Nyland compost wheelbarrows. One is next to the dumpster in the north parking lot and the other at the south end of the carports in the south parking lot.  Place your kitchen scraps in these carts but please abide by these No No’s!


THE FOLLOWING ARE “NO-NO” ITEMS:  these items do not get digested in the accelerated life of our Nyland compost bins, and thereby impede the compost process
• No “compostable” or “bio-degradeable” green/blue bio bags
• No other plastic bags
• No avocado skins or avocado pits
• No shells of shellfish, oysters, etc. 
• No meat/chicken, or their bones 
• No dairy
• No uncooked beans/grains
• No large vegetable or fruit - (half a pumpkin, whole apples, etc) 
----(these are OK if cut into smaller pieces) 
• No stickers—please remove from all fruits and vegetables
• No paper products (tissues, tea bag wrappers, paper towels, paper plates)

Please contact a Land CAG member or Recycling Wallah if you have a large item (furniture, appliance, building materials, etc.) that you do not know how to dispose of.  We are working hard to keep our land safe and beautiful and discourage “junk” from being stored and accumulating haphazardly. 

Watch for updates, changes, temporary collections, etc. in the Nyland News, on bulletin boards, and on signs in the recycling shed!  Contact a Nyland Recycling Wallah if you have questions! 

Scott Lilleston 
Ilyse Streim  

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