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We have agreed to take full responsibility for our personal pets, their waste, their noise and any other problems or concerns they may cause. By law, dogs must be on a leash when on common property.

The City of Lafayette published the following:

Debbie Wilmot, City of Lafayette CITY On 4/30/2015 10:41 AM
Dogs that are taken for a walk or are off their own property must be on a leash. The City of Lafayette’s ordinance requires that animals must be under physical control (on a leash or in a pet carrier) at all times when off of their owner’s property. The only area where dogs are allowed to be off-leash is at the Great Bark Dog Park. Electronic collars are not recognized as appropriate control measures. To report an at-large or off-leash dog, contact the Police Dispatch Center at 303-441-4444.

View more Animal Control FAQ's on the City's website:

View information about the Great Bark Dog Park: 

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