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Fix for Gmail users missing Nyland community emails marked as spam

June 12, 2021

Tech CAG recently discovered that Gmail has started sending many of the emails from our various lists to the spam folder - anything ending in

Here's how to fix it if you're having this problem.

Check your spam filter to see if you have the problem. Do a search in the spam folder for "". If it returns anything, Gmail is redirecting some of your Nyland email to spam. Here's how to create a filter to tell it not to:

Go into gmail's settings (the little gear icon in the upper right)

Click "See all settings"

Click the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab

Scroll down to the bottom and click "Create a new filter"

In the box that opens up, type "" into the "From" field.

Click the "Create Filter" button. This opens up another box asking what you want to do to these messages.

Click "Never send it to spam"

Click the "Create Filter" button.
(If you have any kind of magnification on your browser, you may not see the "Create Filter" at the bottom, so hold down <ctrl>+<-> on a PC or <cmd>+<-> on a Mac to reduce the size so you can find the button.)

You're done! This filter will run against all incoming mail. It will NOT move files already in the spam folder; you'll need to do that manually. But going forward your Nyland email shouldn't go into a black hole.

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