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NED Talks series

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Produced by the Common House CAG, in the spirit of connection, well-being and education, NED Talks (Nyland Education Downloads) follow some of the design of the TED talks.


Topics can include any kind of area of expertise, shared experience or learning.  Including but not limited to:  Education, Science, Creativity, Tech, Business, Life experiences, Cultural and academic topics, Historical Accounts of Nyland, Perspectives on Nyland's evolution from Originals, Perspectives on Nyland from Newbies, Vision for where we are going, and anything else your heart feels called to share!  


What have you learned in your life here on this planet and in this community?  What are your unique skillsets and how can they serve in this time of reorganization on a planetary level? What does resilience mean to you and what do you have to say about it? What pivotal moments from your life changed the way you live? 


We see this as an opportunity to learn from one another, to connect and inspire, and to get to know each other more deeply.   We believe we can all share and benefit from each other's brilliance.  All ages welcome to participate.

How to be involved: If you are interested in offering a NED talk in our series, sign up on this google doc to give a short pitch at an upcoming CAG meeting. Pitch sessions can be the first few minutes of your presentation, or an overview. Presentations can be anywhere from 2-20 min.

Our first event was May 30, 2020, and provided a unique opportunity for community members to share deeply, and for us to get to know each other better in a forum unlike any other at Nyland. Videos of the talks will be made available upon approval of the speakers. 


Sign up for a pitch session HERE

Direct questions to the common house CAG at 

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