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We have agreed to make timely payment of community debts.

Each community member who incurs a debt to the community, whether it be for meals, for guest room rental, for community house rental, for use of the exercise room, for grocery coupons sold by the community, or for any other reason, will pay the debt in full and in a timely fashion.  No member will use unpaid debt as leverage to obtain redress for alleged community sins of omission or commission. 

The dues for each lot are established by the Board of Directors based on the annual operating and reserve budgets, which are approved by the community.  The dues are established for the calendar year, although the actual amount of dues is often not established until after the first of the year.  The monthly dues rate is subject to change during the course of the year depending on the number of people living at the particular address.  Each owner or current occupant is responsible for letting the Board or its designated agent know of any changes in the number of residents and for adjusting the monthly dues payments accordingly.   Each owner, whether absent or living at Nyland, is responsible for the monthly payment of dues on or about the first of each month for that monthly period.  If an owner is temporarily unable to pay dues for a particular time period, it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements with the Board for the delinquency of payment and to proffer a plan for getting current with dues payments.  The Board at its discretion may choose to place a lien on any property in arrears to protect the community's financial interest.

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