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All pertinent updated notices and information are included in this section.

Most recent “Loss Assessment” letter [add link]

December 2022 Clarification Letter from the Board of Directors (the board) [add link]

The current Nyland Community Association’s (NCA) master policy information is included below. If you have questions on insurance, it is best to ask our Nyland insurance representative or check the Nyland Insurance website. We should only contact Nyland’s insurance agent when necessary.

Nyland’s insurance representative

Dave Schneider

House #3530


Nyland’s insurance agent

Lori Rickert Insurance Agency Inc

714 S Pearl St

Denver, CO. 80209-4213


The current master policy is with State Farm: Nyland Policy renewal 2-02-2022-23.pdf

The latest document from State Farm to help Nylanders understand what each policy, Master and personal, covers is found at this link.

Appraisal report

Nyland paid for an appraisal report in 2022 to gather information to support coverages needed in our master policy. Having sufficient insurance coverage to rebuild Nyland was an important lesson from the devastating Superior Fire. The report includes individual home assessments as well as common properties: [link to 2023 appraisal report]

Claims Process Information

If you have a claim on the master policy, it is important to go through a Nyland representative who will then relay information to the insurance agent.

There are three Nylanders on the board who have this responsibility:

President: Mary Klages

Vice-President: Ron Morgan

Treasurer: Jim Edwards

Be sure to gather and track all information you have about the claim situation. This includes basics like date and description as well as actions you took with dates, descriptions, receipts, pictures—anything necessary to support your claim.

Exterior Upgrade reporting

[content goes here]

Confirmation reporting on “Loss Assessment”

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