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Master Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance at Nyland can be a bit tricky to understand because part of your home is covered by the Nyland Community Association’s (NCA) master policy and the rest is covered by your personal policy. Make sure your insurance agent understands how the NCA’s master policy works and that you have adequate personal coverage. Your agent should review Nyland’s CC&Rs and 3rd Amendment before setting up your policy.

The NCA carries blanket commercial insurance coverage—a “master policy” [.pdf, .txt]—that covers all of the common property along with your home from the sheet rock out. That is, if your home burned to the ground, the NCA's master policy would rebuild the structure of the house including exterior windows and doors, roofing, siding, plumbing, electrical, interior walls, and sheet rock. This type of coverage is often referred to as bare walls.” From the outside, the house would look just like it did before it burned down, but when you entered the house, it would be unfinished. This is where your personal HO-6 insurance policy (also called condo insurance) will come into play. Personal policy information is discussed more in the Homeowner’s Policy page of the insurance section of the Nyland website.

Both policies together should pay to rebuild your home from whatever losses have occurred. The NCA is responsible for the master policy and the homeowner is responsible for their personal policy. The Nyland Insurance pages will help homeowners set up the coverage needed and provide them with information and resources to get the best results from their insurance policy.

The NCA and Nylanders each have responsibilities to carry out to be sure there is enough insurance coverage to rebuild from a damaging or catastrophic event.

The NCA’s responsibilities are:

  1. Stay informed about insurance and the insurance market to obtain the best master policy.

  2. Secure a master insurance policy for the Nyland community.

  3. Keep appraised of Nyland assets including homes, common buildings, and infrastructure.

  4. Keep documentation on common assets, additions and upgrades.

  5. Provide homeowners information and structure to keep policies and upgrades up-to-date.

  6. Provide a “certificate of insurance” to homeowners lender upon request.

Homeowners have some responsibilities related to the master policy that are crucial if the policies are to work together without any added expense. Your homeowner responsibilities are:

  1. Meet annually with your insurance agent to update and check-in on coverages.

  2. Keep documentation on all your meetings and interactions with your agent. If there is something wrong in your coverage in the future, this will support the claims you are making.

  3. Be sure your insurance agent has seen the CC&Rs and 3rd Amendment and developed your personal policy from that information.*

  4. Be sure that the “loss assessment” portion of your personal policy is at $50,000 or more.*

  5. Be sure to update improvements on the exterior of your house.* The master policy only covers improvements that are attached to your home.

  6. Keep current on specifics that the master policy will cover so you can coordinate coverage with your personal policy. Solar panels are a great example as different insurers may interpret who covers the panels differently. Much of this information is in the Updates page of this website.

*Homeowners must follow items #3, #4, and #5 to be fully insured by the master policy.

Claims Process

In the event you have a claim on the master policy, report your situation to the NCA Board of Directors (the board) president, vice-president, or treasurer. The board member will relay information to the insurance agent who will contact you to deal with the claim. The list of current officers and their contact information are on the Nyland website and the Updates page of insurance section of the website.

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