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This page links to the most recent documents related to the Nyland Community Association’s (NCA) master policy.

An archive of Nyland insurance-related documents can be found here.

The Nyland Community Association (NCA) master policy can be downloaded as a .pdf or .txt.

The 2022 Appraisal Report can be downloaded as a .pdf.

2019 CC&R amendments can be found at the links below:

190516 Third Amendment to the CC&Rs.pdf

190516 First Amendment to the Bylaws.pdf

Master policy declarations ammended .pdf

Loss Assessment letter [add link]

This document is for your lender to certify that you have insurance coverage from the NCA.

Documents related to Homeowners’ personal insurance policies (HO-6 or condo insurance)

  • CC&Rs and Third Amendment

  • Exterior upgrade reporting grid showing which policy covers different items [add link]

  • Insurance checklist grid [add link]

  • Introduction video to personal insurance policy [add link]

  • Slide show [add link]

  • Checklist for visit with insurance agent [add link]

State Farm coverage explanation and support

  • State Farm insurance unit owner explanation for Nyland

  • Homeowner checklists

  • Coverage grid

Exterior upgrade reporting

latest rewrite of information page/latest rewrite copy pages, slide show replaces this

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