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The “Woodworking” group functions a little bit like a CAG, with responsibility for taking care of the safety, maintenance, and cleanliness of the woodshop. This is a group that is open to all, as is the woodshop itself. 

However, unlike some community spaces at Nyland, the shop’s power tools are mostly owned by individuals. Because these power tools can be very dangerous for untrained users, we have had a longstanding community agreement that people need to be “trained” in order to use the shop. This “training” has two levels: First is for use of the shop space for small projects that don’t involve power tools; and the second is for permission to use the power tools. All shop users must learn about and agree to conditions of use, which includes simple things like cleaning up after yourself and informing other shop members if a tool is malfunctioning. Use of the shop is strictly limited to Nyland residents, per our insurance policy. 


In the interest of ensuring that the shop remains a safe place and all the tools are cared for, the code on the lock box is only be available to those who have had some sort of “check out” or training from one of the current Shop members, many of whom are or have been professional woodworkers.


Every community member who is interested in using the shop should to contact a Shop member to

a) get trained;

b) agree to a set of rules for shop use; and, eventually,

c) join us in a community project day to build something of use to the community that will also serve to help train people on the tools.

If you are interested in any or all things shop-related, please sign up on the Nyland website to be part of the woodworking group, and you’ll get notices about meetings, clean-up days, and other events. 

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