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How the Nyland Car Share Works:

Mary loaned a Nisan Leaf, an all-electric car, to Nyland to use as a shared vehicle to help reduce Nyland's environmental footprint and our parking issues.

To join the Nyshare:

 1) You will need to sign an agreement stating you will follow the NyShare rules

 2) You deposit $500 into your NyShare account.

      * $250 of this is a deposit to help cover damage you might do to the car and the deductible if you are in an accident.

      * $250 of this is prepayment to use the Leaf

To use the Leaf:

1) Make a reservation on the online calendar

2) Remove the key from the electronic key box 

3) Drive the car

4) Return the key to the key box

5) Enter your actual time in this tracking form:


1) You will be charged $5 per hour for use of the car.

2) Once a month or so, your usage will be tallied and deducted from your prepayment balance.

3) When your balance becomes low, you will be asked to deposit more money

Leaving NyShare:

1) If you decide you no longer want to be part of the NyShare, just let us know.

2) Your $250 damage deposit will be returned.

3) The remainder of your prepayment balance will be returned.


Joining the NyShare

NyShare Agreement

Leaf Agreement

NyShare Leaf Instructions

For more information, contact Cynthia Storm

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