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Groups + Email


The Nyland website allows members to create and join groups of people organized around a common interest or purpose. Members can also subscribe to email lists and email members directly.


Members of a group can see the group calendar, and are automatically subscribed to that email list. 

To join a group:

  1. Go to the Groups page

  2. Select a group from the list on the left

  3. Click on “People”

  4. Click “Join Group” 

Some groups require permission to join. Email the Tech CAG to request to set up a private group, to invite members to a private group, or with other questions about groups.


Joining a "group" (see above) automatically subscribes you to that email list. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to other non-group email lists, such as the Natter (general Nyland emails).

To join or unsubscribe to an email list:

  1. Go to the Email page

  2. Check the box under the "Subscribe" column (and then "Nightly Digest," if desired, which means you won't receive individual emails sent to that group, but only a one-time per day digest) 

At any time, members can click the "View" button to see the history of emails on a public list. Groups may not have publicly available email archives, but current and future members of any group will have access to this archive, so information sent to email lists should not be considered confidential.

Major email lists:

Please do not double post.

Send your email ONLY to one list.

Announcements” - This list is designed for announcements to the community (not requests or general banter). This would include community meetings and events, workdays, etc. This list will also receive all calendar reminders of events created on the Announcements calendar. All residents are automatically subscribed, but you can remove yourself from this list.


Residents” - This list will go to everyone currently living at Nyland. Please use this ONLY when everyone living at Nyland truly needs to see your email. This should be a rare occasion. Suggested use of the "residents" email list is for Nyland business only (i.e., information related to meetings, events, work days, community-wide notices, etc), preferably by CAG representatives, and preferably limited to one email per month (e.g., containing minutes or a digest of CAG activity). 

Homeowners” - This list goes to all homeowners. This list will be used occasionally by the Board to keep homeowners informed. Please do not send emails to this list without first getting permission from the Board.

"The Natter" - This list is for everything that does not belong on one of the other lists. This is where you should ask for a ride to the airport, let people know about a car with its lights on, ask to borrow something, etc. 

Email policy:

For our agreements around email list use, please visit the "netiquette" page.

To email any member (or members):

  1. Go to the Email page

  2. Click "send email to community members"

  3. Select the member or members you want to email

    • Pull down the "Select" menu to select all, de-select all, or to save the checked members as a "list" to send future emails

  4. You can easily send a single email to selected people (allows "reply all"), or send a separate email to each person (recipients don't see each other)

Gmail issue

Tech CAG has discovered that Gmail sometimes sends many of the emails from our various lists to the spam folder - anything ending in


Here's how to fix it if you're having this problem.

Check your spam filter to see if you have the problem. Do a search in the spam folder for "". If it returns anything, Gmail is redirecting some of your Nyland email to spam. Here's how to create a filter to tell it not to:


Go into gmail's settings (the little gear icon in the upper right)


Click "See all settings"


Click the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab


Scroll down to the bottom and click "Create a new filter"


In the box that opens up, type "" into the "From" field.


Click the "Create Filter" button. This opens up another box asking what you want to do to these messages.


Click "Never send it to spam"


Click the "Create Filter" button.

(If you have any kind of magnification on your browser, you may not see the "Create Filter" at the bottom, so hold down <ctrl>+<-> on a PC or <cmd>+<-> on a Mac to reduce the size so you can find the button.)


You're done! This filter will run against all incoming mail. It will NOT move files already in the spam folder; you'll need to do that manually. But going forward your Nyland email shouldn't go into a black hole.

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