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The general public can only see the "Main Site."

Members who "Log In" with a username and password have access to this "back end" part of the site, which provides detailed info on members, our archives, calendars of events, and more.

You are currently looking at the "Website How To" part of this website, which instructs users on various features.

Use the "Members Info" link under the Info tab to read a welcome message and get instructions for member-only amenities.

For general website support:


  1. Email the Tech CAG!


To view Nyland members:

  1. Click on the People tab

  2. Configure as desired to show different columns of information, or to display members grouped by household

  3. Use the "Filter" dropdown to reveal only who you want to see (e.g., current members, past residents, off-site owners)

To update your info:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right

  2. Click "Settings" to change:

    • Your picture​ (please use a close-up shot of your face and shoulders)

    • Your bio

    • Your birthday day and month (including whether to display your birthday this on the Nyland calendar)

    • Your contact info, username, password

  3. Click [your name] to change:

    • Household bio

    • Other features

To view/print out a phone list: 


  1. Click on the People tab

  2. Click on the printer icon

  3. Follow the prompts

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