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Nyland's web calendar is actually a combination of calendars that can be viewed individually or all at once. Individual calendars include:

  • Announcements (this is the general Nyland calendar)

  • Calendars for each CAG

  • Birthdays

  • Meal groups

  • Guest Room reservations

  • Common House rentals

  • Various other group calendars 


You can view public events or events for your groups.

To view all calendar events:

  1. Pull down menu at top left set to “All Calendars - View Only”

  2. Calendar boxes checked (or “all” checked at the end of the “overlap other calendars” list)

(Note: events cannot be added while in “All Calendars - View Only.”)

To view only some events:

  1. Pull down menu at top left set to one specific calendar, OR

  2. The calendar boxes checked for only the calendars you want to view in the “overlap other calendars” list


To set calendar appearance:

  1. At top right, toggle between "month," "week," "day," and "list" appearances


  1. Select "Month" as your calendar appearance at top right

  2. Pull down menu at top left set to the calendar to which you want to add an event

  3. Hover over the date you want, and click the “Add” button that appears

  4. Fill out the necessary details in the pop-up window

    • You can select from different categories: event, meeting, meal, workday

    • You can select from different locations at Nyland ​

    • You can assign a unique color to show up on the Nyland calendar (will not impact colors on Google, iCal, etc)

  5. Add one or more reminders​

    • Change "On the day" to "Before" in order to ​specify how many hours or days prior to the event to send a reminder to the group email address, or to any address typed into the box

Note: you must be a member of a group in order to Add or Edit events on that group's calendar.


The “Announcements” calendar is automatically viewable and editable to Nyland members. You can edit or delete events that you add to the “Announcements” calendar (but no one else can, except the web admin).

Anyone can click on an "Announcement" event for more details, and to create personal “Reminders” emailed to any email address.


Note: Announcements are the way to publicize meetings, events, meals, parties, etc. Announcements DO NOT formally reserve any space. To reserve or rent space at Nyland, visit the Common House rental page or Guest Room reservation page.



In addition to viewing Nyland calendars on this website, you can "Export" any Nyland Calendar to Google, iCal, or other systems.

  1. Pull down menu at top left set to the calendar to which you want to export

  2. Click the “ics” button on screen right

  3. Copy the URL provided (using Ctrl-C or Cmd-C, or right-click and select "Copy")

  4. Paste the URL text into your external calendar according to its import protocol

    • For example, in Google, click the “+” sign (“add other calendars”) on screen left

    • Select “From URL”

    • Paste into the box (using Ctrl-V or Cmd-V, or right-click and select "Paste") 



CAGs should use their group calendar to publish their internal meetings and items to CAG members. Meetings or events desired to be shown to the entire community should be copied to the Announcements calendar.

Reminders can be created in each new event. The Tech CAG can assist in setting up default reminders that will be added to every new event in a specific calendar. 

Special Notice calendars

To simplify notifications of planned use of the Pavilion, Den, and Workout Room, several online calendars have been added on the Nyland website, as an alternative to a formal reservation process.

***IMPORTANT: If adding any event that will have more than 5 cars coming to Nyland, please confirm first that the Common House doesn't have a big event at that time that will lead to parking problems.

For the DEN:
Ages 13+, for non-commercial, low impact activities only.
For any commercial activity, or if the noise levels will be extensive or the associated parking will exceed 5 vehicles, please use the standard reservation process.

Please show consideration by deleting your entry if plans change. It’s fast and easy!

Please see this flyer for step-by-step instructions to locate and use these calendars (example of workout room):

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