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To upload a file to the archives:


  1. Click the [Archives] tab on Nyland’s website

  2. Click on the [Upload Files] link

  3. This should open up a new window and take you the ‘Upload Files’ folder in Google Drive

  4. Simply drag and drop your files into this folder. No special permissions are needed.

  5. Email the Tech CAG to let them know the files are there. The admin will then move them to the correct folder. (Tech CAG will also switch “ownership” of the archived document to the Nyland Google account, which will prevent it from being deleted by anyone but the Nyland Admin, although any collaborators with edit permission would have the ability to make changes to the document. Others can be given only view or view+comment access.)

Note: If you upload files on a regular basis, such as meeting minutes, or would like to reorganize the files for an entire CAG, just let the Tech CAG know. Tech CAG can give you special permissions to edit files and folders.

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