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By requesting a reservation, I hereby agree to the following as 'The Renter':

The Renter acknowledges that the Nyland Community Association is not responsible for damages, injuries, loss of personal property, equipment or utility malfunctions. The individual or group using the Common House facilities or Common Area grounds are responsible for the cost of any damages to Nyland property, as well as injury to, or resulting from, their guests.


1. The Renter is 25 years of age or older and will be present on site for the duration of the event.
2. The Renter will ensure no smoking takes place in the Common House.
3. The Renter will ensure that any function/event for those 18 years of age or under will have adult supervision at all times.
4. The Renter will be responsible for providing any food and beverages for the event.
5. The Renter will ensure all leftover food and beverages are removed after the event.
6. The Renter will ensure that NO Martial Arts classes or activities may be held in the Common House. 
7. The Renter will ensure All garbage and trash is collected and placed in the outside dumpster. 
8. The Renter will ensure the food /compost container will be emptied in the compost cart located in the parking lot. 
9. The Renter will ensure ALL Recyclables will be placed in the recycling shed bins.
10. The Renter will ensure that all litter, either inside or outside, will be picked up and disposed of properly.
10. While decorations are permitted, The Renter will ensure that no staples, nails, tacks or use any other method of attachment that would leave marks on the walls etc. will be used.
11. The Renter will ensure the building and premises will be left in the same condition as they were before the event. The kitchen will be left clean with counters, appliances and sinks cleaned and wiped down, dining tables cleaned, dishes/pots/pans washed and put away, floor mopped, carpet vacuumed, all garbage/trash/ recyclables collected and removed, bathrooms cleaned, windows and doors closed, and furniture returned to its original position.
12. The Renter will ensure that all spigots on sinks and all lights will be turned off after the event.
13. The Renter will ensure that guests park only on Nyland Way (the public street). No parking is permitted in the residential lots or carports.
14. The Renter will ensure no firearms or weapons of any kind are present in the Common House or on common areas.
15. The Renter will ensure that consumption of alcohol will comply with all applicable federal, state, county or city laws.
16. The Renter acknowledges that Nyland Community Association members and those persons authorized by the Association shall have the right to enter the building at any time even when it is in use by the Renter.


The Renter assumes all responsibility and full liability for the service of any alcoholic beverages and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Nyland Community Association and their Directors, Officers, Agents and successors for any action, claim, suit, damages of any kind, nature or description, including attorney’s fees and costs arising from or in connection with the Renter’s service of alcoholic beverages on the premises.


The Renter shall be responsible for any damages or loss of property and the cost to repair or replace any item of furnishings, fixtures, equipment or plantings damaged or lost during the period covered by this lease.


The Renter agrees to provide adequate security and/or safety measures. At the Renter’s sole expense, the security/safety measures will assure that no damage occurs, or risk is created to any property or to any person in attendance as a result of any activities conducted by or participation by anyone attending an event in the Nyland Common House or grounds. The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Nyland Community Association from any and all claims, actions, suits, damages and liability associated with personal injury and/or damage to property, including costs of investigation, litigation, appeals and attorney’s fees arising out of any claims made in connection with reservation and usage of the Association’s or Corporation’s equipment and/or Common House facilities and grounds. I acknowledge receipt of this agreement and agree to abide by the terms contained within. Further, I agree to personally indemnify and hold harmless the Nyland Community Association from all damage, injury or liability resulting from my and /or my guests’ use
of the facilities.

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