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Nyland Netiquette

The following are guidelines for using Nyland email lists.


* Please remember you are sending your email to everybody. - If you are sending something controversial, you might want to let your email sit for a few days and reread it before sending it out. Once you click the send button, there is no way to stop everyone from reading it.


* Please do not flame. - Flaming is the act of sending an abusive or heated email. Please remember that everyone in the community will read what you send. If you are upset or angry, it is probably a better idea to talk with the person directly instead of involving the whole community.


* Please watch your language. - We may have people of all ages on our email lists.


* Please remember that people can easily misinterpret your emails. Consider how others may misunderstand what you're trying to say when they can't see your body language or ask clarifying questions.


* Subject headers should reflect the content of the message. - Many people will delete an email based strictly on the subject title.


* Keep emails short and to the point. - People are more likely to read what you have to say if you keep your email short.


* Never forward a chain email. - Many of these emails are used by spammers to collect email addresses.

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