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To view Nyland members:

  1. Click on the People tab

  2. Configure as desired to show different columns of information, or to display members grouped by household

  3. Use the "Filter" dropdown to reveal only who you want to see (e.g., current members, past residents, off-site owners)

To print a phone list:

  1. Click on the [People] tab

  2. Select [People] (next to [Households]) to display a list

  3. Select [Residents] in the drop-down box to get a list of all current residents

  4. Turn on/off the columns you would like to see on your print out by clicking on the drop-down box at the top right of the list (next to the print button). For example, you would probably want to turn off pictures and email but turn on first, last, home, home phone and cell phone.

  5. Click the print button. This will bring up a spread sheet in your browser. Double check that it displays the information you want.

  6. Use your browser's print feature to print the spreadsheet.

Printing a phone list.jpg
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