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Community Meals

Nyland is happily busy with community dinners. 

Meatless Mondays: On Mondays we have a voluntary meal club. It's always vegetarian with rotating cooks & cleaners. To join in, one signs up with a partner to to cook, clean and pay for one meal that they prepare for the other participants. Otherwise, you can show up for the rest of the meals in the rotation to enjoy a free, carefree dinner. The kids also prepare one meal in the rotation as a group.

Thursday Meals:

Specialty dinners: Anyone can organize a community dinner! And it can be a one-time dinner or a short series. For example, there was a raw food dinner group this past summer and a one-time sushi dinner this winter. 

Celebrations: Nyland’s well being CAG organizes annual celebration dinners, such as the Solstice dinner. And individuals have chosen a holiday to celebrate with the community, such as the Halloween feast. In between, there are barbecues, pie eating contests (does that really count as a community meal??) and other delicious get-togethers.

Community meetings & work days: Our monthly community meetings are often preceded by a breakfast or dinner. And in the summer, we get together for a delicious lunch after a morning working on our land. 

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