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Common House Rental Rules

PLEASE NOTE: The Nyland Community Association is not responsible for damages, injuries, loss of personal property, equipment or utility malfunctions.  The individual or group using the Common House facilities or Common Area grounds are responsible for the cost of any damages to Nyland property, as well as injury to, or resulting from, their guests.




  • No Smoking is allowed in the Common House.


  • Any function/event for those 18 years of age or under must have adult supervision at all times.


  • The Renter is responsible for providing any food and beverages for the event.


  • The Renter must remove all leftover food and beverages after the event.


  • All garbage and trash must be collected, removed and placed in the outside dumpster.  The food /compost container must be emptied in the compost cart located in the parking lot.  Recyclables must be placed in the recycling shed bins.


  • All litter, either inside or outside, should be picked up and disposed of properly

  • Decorations are permitted, but do not staple, nail, tack or use any other method of attachment that would leave marks on the walls etc.


  • The building and premises should be left in the same condition as they were before the event.


  • The kitchen should left clean with counters, appliances and sinks cleaned and wiped down, dining tables cleaned, dishes/pots/pans washed and put away, floor mopped, carpet vacuumed, all garbage/trash/ recyclables collected and removed, bathrooms cleaned, windows and doors closed, and furniture returned to its original position.


  • All spigots on sinks and all lights should be turned off.


  • No parking is permitted in the residential lots or carports.


  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted in the Common House or on common areas.


  • Consumption of alcohol must comply with all applicable federal, state, county or city laws.


  • Visitors occupying the Guest Rooms in the Common House are NOT allowed to use the kitchen, its utensils or equipment.


  • Nyland Community Association members and those persons authorized by the Association shall have the right to enter the building at any time even when it is in use by the Renter.

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