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Common House CAG

Nyland has a wonderful 6000 square foot Common House that is the "heart" of the community, where community members come together more than any other single place.  On the main level is an industrial kitchen, a dining room that seats 80, and kid's play room; upstairs is an office/meeting room and a meditation room; downstairs includes a multi-use room (yoga/meetings/etc), art room, fitness room, two guest rooms, a den/game room, and laundry facilities.  The common house is both an extension of our personal homes, and a space that can be reserved for events.  The Common House CAG provides community holiday meals (Thanksgiving, Easter), and operates using the sociocratic method.


Basic Information


  • The Common House is locked at 10pm.  Residents are provided an entry code.

  • There are some office supplies and a copier upstairs that may be used. There is a fee for copies. For full details click here.

  • The Den/Game Room, in the basement, has a pool table and a TV/Media area as well as a large video collection for loan. 

  • Everyone has a cubby either on the north or south entrance. 

  • Mailboxes are on the lower level of the common house near the entry.

  • There is a "lost and found" box in the laundry room downstairs in a tub under the table.  It gets emptied on an occasional basis.

  • There is a "Free Box" in the lower level of the common house (in the art room), and items may be added or taken as desired. It is emptied once a month and taken for donation. Please no electronics, glass, cleaning supplies, liquids, supplements, foods, herbs, medicines, knives, sharp objects, or other items dangerous to young children.


General Policies

The Common House is owned by all of us and we should think of it and treat it as our home. It takes effort from each of us to keep it running smoothly.  Detailed policies are posted throughout the building, but the following represents some basic guidelines.

  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their children. 

  • The meditation room upstairs is a sacred, quiet space and should be treated as such. 

  • Children are not to play unattended in the Common House. The kid’s playroom is available for use by community members and should be cleaned up after each use. Adult supervision of young children is required at all times.

  • The Fitness Room is for use by those age 16 and up only.  Please leave it clean and put away all weights.  A modest payment for use of the facility (to offset expenses and to purchase/repair equipment when needed) is expected; details on payment can be found in the fitness room.

  • The lower level is used for various meetings including playgroups and yoga. Please leave it clean. 

  • Please do not change the programs on the thermostats. 

  • Community members are expected to participate in one of the three or more Kitchen Kleans we have annually


Community Meals 

For information on the community meals program, email here.


Renting the Common House

The common house is available for rental by both residents and non-residents; however, residents always take priority. There are four primary areas for rental. Details here.

Reserving a Guest Room

There are two guest rooms for overnight guest housing.  For details and to make a reservation, click here.

The Common House has "quiet hours" between 10 pm and 7 am. Reservations are required for sleeping in ANY area of the common house. This includes group slumber parties, individuals, etc.  If a party or event is scheduled to continue after 10 pm, the guest rooms will need to be reserved as well. 

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