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We have agreed parents are responsible for their children's actions in common areas.

Kids are part of this community, and our expectation is that they will participate in age-appropriate jobs and activities when available. Our experience is that the kids who participate, like adults, have a richer experience of community life.

Expectations for Children at Common Meals

1. Children should use reasonable “inside” voices at meals. 

2. Any child who is shouting or screaming for more than a few minutes during a meal should be removed from the area by a parent until s/he can be calmed.  Loud screaming in the dining room is hugely impactful to older diners, especially seniors, and mealtime is important to them, too.

3. Throwing food is not allowed.

4. Children should WALK, not run, into or through the dining room during meals. Other adults may remind children to slow down or walk if they run in the dining room, so it’s best if they have heard this rule from their own parents first.

5. Children should not be allowed to go to another table and interrupt a child who is still eating with his or her parents.  Most parents are trying to encourage their child to eat dinner, and interruptions from friends who are ready to go play makes this much more difficult. Please ask them to wait to talk to their friends until the diners at the other table have finished their meal.

6. Children who are capable can clear their own places after meals, using a tub that cooks place on the low shelf in the bussing area for them.

7. Parents should make sure the table where their children have eaten, and the floor under it, are completely cleaned up after the meal.  Use the provided plastic drop cloths under high chairs whenever possible.

8. Children should be wearing clothes at diner.

9. If children are done eating before their parents, they should either remain at the table with their parents or leave the dining area. Small children can play in the little kid’s room. Older children may play in the downstairs play area outside the exercise room.

10. If children do go to one of the play areas, parents are responsible for making certain those areas have been picked up and restored to their original condition.

11. No jumping is allowed on the furniture at any time.  Again, any adult may ask a child to stop jumping on the furniture, so please make sure your children are aware of this rule.

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