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In terms of cats, all Nylanders are subject to Lafayette City ordinances. Nyland also has agreements in regards to pets in general.

Can my cat roam in the neighborhood?
- By law, cats, dogs and other pets are prohibited from running at large (sectcion 25-61, Running at Large Prohibited). Cats must be confined to the owner's property at all times or be under leash control. (According to the Lafayette Police department, Nyland’s common areas are not “owner premises” as stated in Article I, Section 25-2: “For the purpose of this definition, the “premises of the owner” shall not include common areas of condominiums, townhouses, and apartment buildings.”)  

How many dogs and/or cats can I own as a Lafayette resident?
- By law, Lafayette residents are allowed to have up to 3 dogs and 3 cats per residence.

In terms of our Nyland agreements:
- We have agreed to take full responsibility for our personal pets, their waste, their noise and any other problems or concerns they may cause.

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