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About Nyland

Nyland is a cohousing community made up of 42 privately-owned homes in a rural setting outside Boulder, Colorado with an expansive view of the Rocky Mountains. Our community consists of approximately 135 residents with varied backgrounds, careers, ages and views. Yet, we all share the same desire to live near neighbors we know in a small neighborhood. We offer each other support and friendship, while respecting each other's needs for privacy. Our common vision is a physically and emotionally safe community where children play on the pedways, neighbors lend each other a hand, and nature coexists peacefully in our open spaces.

Nyland has been around in spirit since 1988. Our founders dreamed, met and discussed for two years before there was even a piece of land to come to. Once the land was purchased from Mr. Nyland, it took another two years of planning and building before move-in began. Finding ways to meld so many different personalities and goals into something approaching a cohesive community has been a rewarding challenge. The community continues to change and evolve.

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