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1 Bedroom Apartment

For Rent: 1 bedroom apartment in beautiful Nyland Cohousing home

The apartment is an airy, sunny, basement 1-bedroom with full bath and kitchen. The main room is huge, about 12’ by 19’, the bedroom is about 11’ x 12’. Our house is on the southwest corner of Nyland, so it’s very quiet and has unimpeded views to the Continental Divide.


Looking for quiet, single person without pets. A non-shedding, non-barking dog might be negotiable. We can’t have cats, sorry.


Here’s what is a little unusual about this arrangement, requiring a good fit between us and yourself: To get to the apartment, you enter our front door, pass through our entry/kitchen area, then take the stairs down to the apartment. Once you’re in your space, it’s yours, except that we need occasional access through your apartment to get to our washer and dryer, which are located in a storage room off of your bathroom (and which you are welcome to use). We can negotiate how to signal times when it is best to access that storage/laundry room, which also has a few tools, etc. that we occasionally need. Leslie and I travel a bit, and we might ask you to water some of our plants in our absence.

Rent is $850, plus $25/month for parking if you have a vehicle, and includes Internet and all utilities. It is semi-furnished, but you will definitely need a bed.


We expect that you will participate in community life here, which does require some time commitment. We’d be more than happy to discuss what that means, but since you’ve coming to this announcement through Nyland’s website, we hope you have some idea about our community. 



Shoot us a note at and we can arrange a time to talk, a visit, or send pictures. Starting date is negotiable. 

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